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one small step for owen, one giant leap for his results.

£22,379 return on advertising spend in the first 30 days.

Forge Fitness Equipment are a fitness equipment brand specialising in heavy-duty and high-end gym equipment that is built to last. Their product prices range anywhere between £120 to £2.2k which can be seen as a great investment for those who are serious about working out and building muscle as they can work out from the comforts of their own home as well as not spending money on going to the gym.

Owen founded Forge Fitness Equipment in late 2020 when he realised there was a gap in the market for high-end gym equipment that can be manufactured in-house as many other fitness equipment brands will rely on an external supplier to build their equipment. He has seen great success through Google advertising but we at Lumi Digital approached him offering our services to expand his outreach and increase sales through Facebook & Instagram advertising.

Forge Fitness Equipment
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Facebook & Instagram Advertising

£2,000 per month

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Building from the ground up!

Before we started work on this project, Owen had been running ads for himself however was not successful in generating a profitable stream of sales. Also, Owen is the CEO of Forge Fitness equipment and spends a lot of his time managing staff, deliveries and order fulfilment and could not spend much time on advertising, which is why he loved the idea of collaborating with Lumi Digital.

One of the greatest problems faced with this project is that the quantity of promotional content we had to work with was quite minimal. This lead to us spending some time creating our own content and variants of existing content to be used for advertising. Another challenge was that Owen did not have much data when we first started advertising, therefore the majority of the data he now has was obtained through our testing and we are continuing to steadily scale Owen using the data we collect.

Once the promotional content was ready and we had set up the Facebook Pixel & Conversions API for WooCommerce, we could implement our proven process to gather data and begin generating sales - Owen loved the returns and has continued to work with us after the first month.

You guys are killing it, I love what you have done already and I'm looking forward to seeing what the next month looks like.

Owen Jones

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