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A little bit about us

We're more than just a business 🧡

Lumi Digital is a web design & development agency but was previously an advertising agency that generated over £3 million total revenue for our clients prior to our transition. We became a web design agency as we found that our strength is creativity and being able to think outside the box.

We started by creating simple graphics for our advertising clients, which then lead to building sales funnels which lead to exploring the development of full-scale websites and web-applications for all business sizes. It’s what we do and we’re here to stay, as we love it!

Your business is our business

What do you need?

If you’re a business that is simply looking for a web agency that knows their stuff, from basic websites to advanced and bespoke web applications to serve you and your customers, we can do it all. 

If you’re not sure what’s possible but you are curious to see how we can streamline your processes, we would love to talk with you.

What makes us tick!

Our services:

BG  Website Design & Development
BG  Website Maintenance
BG  Search Engine Optimization
BG  Content Marketing

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We would love to hear from you

Let's explore together!

If you’re here, there must be something on your mind that you are curious about venturing into, so let’s see how we can combine your curiosity with our expertise to build something amazing.

George J. Robinson Founder of Lumi Digital
The one thing that puts myself and everyone here at Lumi above the rest is that we simply inject our passion into each project. That's simply just the Lumi way.
George J. Robinson
Founder of Lumi Digital

Lumi Digital is an upcoming web design & development agency based in the UK that focuses building bespoke and high-quality sites for businesses globally.

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